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how it works...

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Chef Margaret releases the coming week's menu on Fridays, and clients will receive a text blast notifying them that the menu is available and online ordering is open!

Online ordering is no different than online shopping- you can view the available items, pick what you want, add to cart, and check out!

Orders need to be placed between the time the menu is released on Friday and when online ordering closes (Monday mornings at 6am). Clients will also receive a text reminder on Sunday evenings to be sure to get their orders placed for the upcoming week.

Ingredients are ordered and procured on Mondays, prep takes place on Tuesdays, then fresh salads/snack boxes are assembled on Wednesday mornings just before delivery!

Clients will provide delivery instructions for their driver at checkout, and will receive one more text reminder to put coolers on their porch on Tuesday evenings for Wednesday delivery!

All of our meals are fully-cooked, never-frozen, and ready to simply be warmed up and enjoyed. Everything is packaged in disposable containers so cleanup is nonexistent.

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