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frequently asked questions...

Q: How does this whole process work?

A: Visit this page for a description of how it all happens, week-to-week! If you have more questions, feel free to text or email Chef Margaret directly (see bottom of page.)



Q: How long does the food last?

A: We've never had a complaint about the food going bad during a week! If refrigerated properly, your food will last all week, sometimes 10 days or more. We suggest eating salads first ( so they don't wilt), seafood and chicken next, then beef and casseroles last!



Q: I have a picky eater. Can I modify the meals at all?

A: We try to be as accommodating as possible. Each menu item has a box that you can type in a special request or substitution. Several items have built-in options like "no mushrooms" or "no onions." We will not always be able to make those requests happen, but we will surely try our best!



Q: My friend wants to sign up! How can he/she do this?

A: Since we are only able to cook for and deliver to so many families, not just anyone can go online and order food from us. (Hence, the password-protected online ordering page.) Please have your friend text or email Chef Margaret directly to see if we are accepting new clients! And thank you for spreading the word!



Q: Is the food frozen? If not, can it be frozen if I don't get to it in time?

A: Our food is never frozen. It is all delivered to you fresh and fully-cooked, ready to be reheated and enjoyed. We do offer freezer-friendly items that you can toss in the freezer if you haven't been able to eat it but don't want to waste, so if you have a question about a specific item that week, feel free to ask!


Q: My food didn't get hot enough in the timeframe listed in the instructions. Did I do something wrong?

A: Every oven is different, and sometimes an oven doesn't get as hot as you've set it to. Food will get hot faster if you've let it sit out at room temp for a little while before cooking. Food straight from the refrigerator to the oven will take longer to get hot. All of these things affect the exact cooking time, so our instructions are really just suggestions. I'd rather you take a little longer to cook your meal than risk burning it or drying it out, so always check it with a thermometer or a spoon to see if it's hot enough to your liking! 


Q: Can I place a special order once the online ordering has closed?

A: Chef Margaret will always entertain your special requests! If you have an event that you need food for, beyond our weekly menu, please reach out and let us know! But once the online ordering has closed at 6am on Monday, the train leaves the station and orders can no longer be added or refunded beyond that point.


Q: I have a special request for a menu item next week! 

A: If you have a favorite menu item that you'd like to see in the lineup, please let us know!! As long as you reach out before Friday when the online ordering opens, we can possibly accommodate your request!


Q: I need to give a meal to a friend/I am on a meal train. Can I order from you?

A: Absolutely! And we have a special discount code for sending a meal on a meal train. Please shoot Chef Margaret a text to discuss and get the coupon code and order for your friend!


Ready to get started? Click here for online ordering!

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